Our story

The Alberta Forest Alliance (AFA) is a grassroots organization representing local and regional businesses that deliver forest services to forest products companies and other resource sectors around the province.  Our members depend on a healthy forest industry to sustain their businesses in planning, harvesting, log hauling, forest renewal, reclamation and analysis. Our membership employ close to 2000 hard working Albertans.

The AFA was established to make Albertans aware of the contributions of our members to local economies and to provide a voice to forest service providers in government decision making.  The main driver for our formation was the release, in June 2016, of the Alberta government’s draft caribou range plan for the Little Smoky and A La Peche herds.  This strategy document proposes measures that would make it harder for local mills to obtain enough timber to maintain their operations.  If mills have to reduce operations and cut shifts, our members will lose business and may have to close up shop altogether.  The combination of mill and service sector job losses would be devastating to our communities and the regional economy.

AFA members depend on well managed forests for their livelihood and care deeply about sustaining our forests and the wildlife they support.  But we also care about people and want decision makers to be aware that forest service jobs are endangered too.  Our organization will urge the Alberta government to achieve balanced strategies that place as much value on people as on other factors.

Albertans should know that the land and resource management issues facing our members are not unique to our industry.   As the Province rolls out other land-use initiatives, companies, sectors and communities throughout Alberta will face common challenges. The AFA has therefore adopted a broad mandate, which is to engage in conversation with likeminded businesses in all corners of the province, to advocate for a regulatory environment that is conducive to sustaining our resources, communities and businesses.