We are the Alberta Forest Alliance

The AFA is a grassroots organization of independent forest service providers -- loggers, log haulers, tree planters, planners and consultants. We have joined together to make Albertans aware of the contributions made by the forest service sector to the environment, economies and communities.

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At a glance

Alberta’s forest industry contributes more than $5.5 billion to the provincial economy and employs 20,000 people, including thousands who work in the forest service sector. Forest service providers represented by the AFA apply their skills and expertise to the sustainable management of our forest resources and make significant contributions to the economic wellbeing of dozens of forest-based communities throughout Alberta.

Who we are

The AFA represents the individuals and small businesses who deliver forest fieldwork and planning and analysis services to the forest industry. They are the people who harvest timber and haul logs, reclaim roads, plant trees and provide other strategic and operational services to the forest industry.

Harvesting, log hauling & reclamation:

In Alberta, forest products companies hire independent contractors to harvest trees according to government-approved plans and to haul logs to holding areas or mill yards.  Members may also work for other industries and for government, helping to build and reclaim access roads, cut seismic lines, improve forest vigor (e.g. removing insect infected trees) or protect communities against wildfire (e.g. implementing FireSmart programs).   These businesses make significant investments in equipment, technology and training, to ensure the work is carried safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Forest renewal:

Commitment to the renewal of healthy forests is a condition of harvesting on public lands.  Our members are involved in cultivating seedlings from locally collected cones, in preparing harvested areas for regeneration, in planting seedlings, and in tending young forests until they meet government regeneration standards.

Planning and analysis:

Intensive, science-based planning and analysis are critical to sustainable forest management. Our members use leading edge technology to assess forest conditions and develop plans and strategies to ensure the continuity of strong, healthy, multi-value forests.